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Veggie Baskets - We Grow For You

Our 2023 CSA Program ​is now open.

We are very excited you want to join our CSA program. We can only take a limited number of members so don't delay, sign up today!

Before signing up, please review "what we offer", "How our program works" and "our membership rules" below. 


Swiss Chard














Sugar Snap Peas



Boc Choy

Chinease Cabbage





Head Lettuce

Spring Mix





What We Offer

  • We offer a variety of fresh handpicked vegetables grown at our farm and selected weekly for your veggie basket.

  • We offer a one size veggie basket during our CSA growing season for $30 ($33 if you choose a payment plan.)

  • Your basket will contain 6-9 items depending on weekly harvest.

  • Your baskets will be greens heavy especially in the beginning of the growing season. As the weather warms up and other vegetables reach harvesting age some greens will be replaced with other items, but you will always get greens in your baskets.

  • Baskets are provided for 12 weeks depending on the growing season. Approximately June 30th - September 17th. 

  • Additional items can be added to your basket each week. A password will be provided so you can enter the CSA Member Store page.

  • 2 pickup locations will be provided: Friday at Romano's Farmers Market (on A23), and Sundays at the  Blairsden Community Market. 

How Our CSA Program Works

  • When you join our CSA program you will receive your share (veggie basket) each week during the designated dates of the program. Unless mother nature says otherwise.

  • Your baskets will be greens heavy especially in the beginning of the growing season. As the weather warms up and other vegetables reach harvesting age some greens will be replaced with other items, but you will always get greens in your baskets.

  • There are two options to pay for this year's CSA share. Pay in full or pay in two payments.​

  • When you sign up, you will select the payment option of your choice and the pickup location where you will pick up your veggie basket each week. 

  • When you sign up, on your confirmation page you will see the password you will use to get into the CSA Member Store. You need to keep this password so you have it when the program starts. Access to the CSA Member Store page will allow you to view the list of items in your basket each week. It also allows you to purchase any additional add on items that you may want that week, without a required minimum purchase amount; such as on our public online store. 

  • On Wednesdays, you can go to the CSA Member Store page to see the updated list of what will be in your veggie basket that week. This would be the perfect time to purchase any add on items to be included in that week's veggie basket. 

  • Hooray, you will have a variety of fresh, home-grown vegetables to enjoy with your family and friends! 

See veggie basket membership rules below for more detailed instructions.

Veggie Basket Membership Rules

  • VEGGIE BASKET PAYMENT - When you join our CSA program you will have two options to pay and hold your spot. Pay in full $360.00 or two payments of $200.00. If you choose the two payment method, you will pay the first payment of $200.00 when you sign up. You will receive an invoice via email for the 2nd payment of $200.00, which is due on or before June 26th. You can pay online via the pay button in the invoice using Credit or Debit, Venmo, PayPal, or mail us a check. All checks must be written out to Megan Whittemore and mailed to 4118 Segundo Rd. Beckwourth Ca 96129. Payment in full is required to receiving your first basket.

  • BASKET SIZE - Our CSA program provides a one size veggie basket, which includes 6-9 items each week. You can add on additional items on our CSA Member Store page, if you would like any additional items to be added into your veggie basket for that week. 

  • ADD ON ITEMS FROM THE CSA MEMBER STORE PAGE - All additional add on items to be included in that week's veggie basket, must be purchased no later than 4:00pm that Thursday. This allows us to get everything harvested and ready to fill the baskets for pick up on Friday or Sunday at the markets. Anything ordered after 4:00pm on Thursdays will not be included in that weeks veggie basket. It will then be added to the following week's basket unless other arrangements can be made.

  • PICKUP LOCATIONS - You will select your veggie basket pickup location during sign up. Once selected that will be your pickup location for the season. If you need to change the pickup location, please email us in advance with the location you want to pick up for that week. The location will go back to your original pick up location the following week. Please give us as much notice as possible so we can make sure your basket goes to the correct location.   

  • LEFT BEHIND BASKETS - If you are not able to pick up your basket at your designated location. You can send someone else to pick up your basket for you, donate your basket, or contact us for possible arrangements. Any baskets that are not picked up without notice, will be donated to a family in need.

  • CANCELATIONS - If you need to cancel your veggie basket membership, please give us a courtesy email 1 week in advance. The remaining weeks will be refunded to you at $25.00 a week for the remaining weeks left of the CSA growing season. 

If you are ready to join our veggie basket program, fill out the form below. Once you click on join now, you will be redirected to the payment screen to pay for the veggie basket program. We are excited for this year's CSA (veggie basket) season and look forward to seeing you all!

Join Our CSA Veggie Basket Program

Please Select One Option To Pay
Please sellect your pickup location

Thank you for signing up for our CSA program. A follow up email will be sent to you shortly, please check your spam or junk folder if you do NOT see your confirmation email in your primary inbox. Remember to look for the password to use in the CSA Member Store for an items included list and to add on items during this year's program.

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