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Our Story

Whittemore Family Farms is located in the Sierra Valley east of the crest of California's Sierra Nevada mountain range in Plumas and Sierra Counties, north of Interstate 80. The farm started in 2003 with a love of gardening and a small vegetable plot to feed the family.

One night around the dinner table Megan said "let's plant some pumpkins", and that sprouted Lil'Megs Pumpkin Patch in 2013. The pumpkin patch is a small patch with a focus on families with young children. There are games, a maze, picture boards, baked goods, canned jams, artisan soaps, BBQ, and of course pumpkins, lots of pumpkins. We grow all the
specialty pumpkins, pie pumpkins, gourds and small to medium carving pumpkins on the farm. During the year of 2015 we began to grow produce for the public, selling at the local small grocery stores. This is the year that our produce farm became established as a farm business. In 2017 our farm was invited to be a part of the Art and Ag Trail. This brought vendors to the pumpkin patch as part of the event and a lot more exposure to the farm.


We continue to expand our garden each year and have added some green houses to extend the growing season. We hand pick all of our crops at their peak ripeness to ensure the highest quality of our produce. All of the work done on our farm is chemical free, naturally grown, and low impact. We supply our vegetables to local grocers, restaurants, in our veggie basket program, and at local farmers markets. We want to thank you for supporting Whittemore Family Farm. We love growing and providing fresh produce from our farm to you! 



We raise a variety of laying hens here on the farm. All of our chickens and roosters are free to roam outside, within one of our large fenced in pastures. This allows them to forage for food in a natural environment. Resulting in happier and healthier chickens, which lay rich and flavorful eggs for us to enjoy.

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We grow many specialty and jack-o-lantern pumpkins, as well as winter squash, and gourds, to have for sale at our annual pumpkin patch. First opened in 2013, this fun family friendly pumpkin patch is a great spot to visit! With games and activities, a small maze, picture boards, raffles, fresh produce, farm animals, various vendors set up, a big bake sale, and food options. There's something for everyone out here at the patch! Open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am-4pm through the month of October.


We look forward to seeing you out at the patch in the Fall!!



We breed and raise a small herd of Katahdin Sheep. They are low maintenance, easy care, parasite resistant hair sheep so they don't require shearing. They are gentle in nature and great for brush control and meat production. The meat has a very mild taste that is low in fat. We love our Katahdin sheep. They are perfect for our small farm. 

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